For adventure seekers, Railriders adventure clothing are the toughest clothes on the planet.

Mystic Fly Rods
All Mystic rods start with top-quality high-modulus blanks. Our tapers and materials are our signature of excellence. Our formulation and design give careful consideration to those requirements essential to a great casting, fishing, and fish-fighting rod.

Islander reels
Islander Reels has been manufacturing precision Center Pin, Fly and Mooching reels for over 20 years. Islander Reels combines a tradition of quality and integrity with its own ingenuity and commitment to excellence. This ensures precision and quality in every Islander reel.

Our mission is to provide the recreational and professional fisherman a dependable source of high quality fishing tackle and related equipment at reasonable, affordable prices. We strive to offer the best prices found on the web. In addition, we provide our visitors with relevant fishing information that is timely, dependable, and accessible.

vicious fishing

sundog eyewear
Regardless of what you do outdoors, you can be assured Sundog Eyewear will deliver exceptional performance in products that are genuine in their styling, workmanship and vision protection.

rio products
For more than 20 years, RIO has demonstrated passion, innovation and a pure love for the sport through its development of the industry’s highest performance fly lines. And the great news is, we will continue to research, design and refine our products to ensure they are your preferred line of choice for years to come.

As a net, the NetStaff® currently comes in two sizes, a nine-inch wide trout net and a twelve-inch wide salmon/steelhead net. Each net is sixteen inches tall and is specifically designed to this length to optimize traveling in a standard suitcase. What good is a net or wading staff if you can’t take it in your luggage? So, this has been purposefully planned into the design and the net hoop maximizes the netting, carrying and travel aspects needed by fishermen. The net bag material maximizes fish safety and does not scale the fish or remove the slime coat. But just as important it does not snag hooks and become a nuisance after netting the fish. Simply use it to net the fish, unhook the fish and go back to fishing. The bag capacity has been carefully crafted to capture and immobilize the fish targeted once netted without harm, a big bag for salmon/steelhead and a smaller bag for trout.

Welcome to ReelFlies.ca Canada’s largest and most popular online fishing fly store. What makes ReelFlies.ca different is quite simple: fly quality, fly choice, high grade materials, branded Japanese hooks and a focus on locally tied patterns. Even though we have some of the best value premium flies in North America we never compromise on quality. We are also the proud supplier for many top Fly Fishing Professionals, River Guides, TV Shows, Fly Fishing Stores, Outfitters and Lodges.

equipment storage systems – Clear the deck for battle.

Fish Hunter
Finally, FishHunter has evolved a fishfinder device so small it floats, so smart it can speak to mobile phones from 30 meters(80 ft) away (via Bluetooth), and so powerful it can track fish 36 meters (120 ft) below the surface. Engineered with military Sonar technology, FishHunter Fishfinder is a powerful downward facing fishfinder transducer combined with a world-class fishing app for Apple and Android phones.

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